Local Materials~

Our Commitment to Local Materials, Suppliers and Subcontractors:


The materials we source are from the closest local suppliers we can find!


- Our framing materials are harvested and milled in Colorado. All of our studs, headers and plate materials are from local Colorado forests. All of our framing materials are supplied through an independent 100% locally owned lumberyard with an undying commitment to sustainability and the local economy. Studs Lumber is awesome!

- Our trusses are made from the same local lumber sourced in Colorado and assembled by our locally owned independent truss plant. Transportation costs are minimized with a local truss supplier.

 - A local independent supplier and truck mixes all of our concrete on site.  This reduces impact and transportation carbon loads by not trucking wet heavy concrete to the site. This reduces the carbon footprint of the premixed concrete and keeps the quality control and batching in-house.

 - Our sealing materials such as house-wraps, sill seals, window seals and roofing underlayment are made in Colorado with over 35% recycled materials, some of them are up to 99% recycled materials.

 - Our hangers and metal framing connectors are made locally in Colorado with a minimum of 25% recycled materials.

 - All of our doors are assembled in Colorado through an independent local supplier. Our high efficiency windows are American-Made in Michigan and supplied through a local independent supplier.

 - All of our Solar Systems including the PV panels, inverters and control systems are American-made. Our solar subcontractor is a locally owned and operated business as well.

 - All of our Energy Star appliances are supplied by a local, independent supplier that provides excellent follow-up service and personalized warranty services.

- All of our subcontractors are locally-owned, independent businesses who have been established in our community for years, providing jobs and boosting our local economy.


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